Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Suspense/Horror: Godland

GodlandStuart West, who gave us the Tex series and that pleasant street in Neighborhood Watch, is back with another terrifying, twisty rope of words: Godland.

An embittered farmer. A New York corporate raider. Two teenage high school girls. A failed small business owner. Past and present collide, secrets are revealed. These disparate people gather at a desolate Kansas farm for a hellish night not everyone will survive.

Godland is a dark psychological suspense horror thriller. A Midwestern nightmare. Farm noir.
I admit, I enjoyed the plot. There was one section I didn’t think much of. Not because it wasn’t well written, because it was. The topic was a little much for my sympathetic, compassionate heart. I had to stop reading, concerned I wouldn’t sleep.
—Erika (from Amazon Review)

Get ready for a hair-raising, leave-the-lights-on read!
—M. Snow (from Amazon Review)

This is suspenseful horror ala Hitchcock style.
—Gail Roughton (from Amazon Review)
To learn more about Mr. West's twisted mind or to read more of his books, check out his blog or visit his Amazon author page.