Sunday, August 31, 2014

My 500 Words -- Week 2

Nothing like a holiday weekend to throw you out of your groove. Uggh! I started the week off strong but tapered off to a big fat zero on Saturday. On the positive side, I made good progress on a couple stories and wrote some blog posts. I took Friday off work and spent the morning with the family touring replicas of the Pinta and Nina docked in Muskegon. Those ships aren't very big. It was research for future writing projects. I'm not making that up. No sense in crying over Saturday's lack of production. Time to remount and get back on the trail. See you next time. How was your week?

This post is part of the My 500 Words Challenge. The idea is to develop a sustainable habit by writing 500 words every day. Want to join in or learn more? Visit the My 500 Words community.

8/21Maidens of the Dance551
8/22Maidens of the Dance275
8/22Book Review: The Word Changers396
8/23Maidens of the Dance500
8/24Maidens of the Dance500
8/26Maidens of the Dance100
8/27Give Me Your Teeth228
8/28Give Me Your Teeth58
8/29Give Me Your Teeth321
Total for the Challenge4041

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  1. Hang in there Jeff! Another week, another day, another chance :)