Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Freebies, Going, Going...

There's still time to download some great speculative fiction for free from the SpecFic Authors Collective team. Check out these offerings but hurry. At midnight on Friday, free goes poof and pops into not-free but still worth your dollar. The Last Prayer

Inspired by Hugh Howey's world of Wool, Lyn Perry's The Last Prayer tells the story of a different Silo, a different threat.

In the post-apocalypse, society continues in underground silos, kept safe from the toxic world above by a simple hatch door and a strict set of rules, but when a young girl starts speaking of heaven as if it were just outside, the rigid caste system begins to crack.

"Set in the post-apocalyptic world of 'Wool,' 'The Last Prayer' tackles its themes with a slant toward the spiritual. Without spoiling the plot, it provides a powerful contrast between how believers in God and unbelievers can view the same world."
 —Amazon review by S. M. Setzer
The Armageddon MachineSimon Kewin's The Armageddon Machine a SciFi novella in the golden age tradition.

The last, battered remnant of the feared Draconian starfleet limps through space, shadowed by ships of the victorious Million Star worlds. But the Draconian ship is still a terrible threat: it is the Draconian's final weapon, a device that can trigger the cascading collapse of space/time itself.

"Encompassing time, space, the philosophy of immortal ancients and the moral uncertainties of short-lived man, 'The Armageddon Machine' is itself a compact particle of extraordinary mass."
—Amazon review by TT
Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Fastest Thumbs on Zeta Colony FourMilo Fowler's Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Fastest Thumbs on Zeta Colony Four continues the hilarious adventures of Captain Quasar. This time, his heroic services are requested by the governor of a backward moon colony terrorized by a local bully. After brushing up on his westerns and practicing a smooth quick-draw with his Cody 52 Special, Quasar transports to the surface to find out he was told only half the story.

Available for free on Smashwords with this coupon code: ZN85H.

"This western spoof is hilarious and Quasar is at his befuddled best."
—Amazon review by Jeff Chapman
Welcome to Moon HillAnthony J. Rapino's Welcome to Moon Hill collects nineteen stories, and a couple of surprises.

Moon Hill is a forgotten place that few purposely visit, and even less leave. Once you arrive, the deep dark of the forest creeps into your mind and will not relent. Strange flowers that grow from deer carcasses, murderous lunatics, talking ravens, wriggling parasites that induce eruptive confessions, and demons of every variety: they all live here too.

"Each story deals with a different horror, and yet they seem connected, whether by the mysterious town of Moon Hill, or by the dark, shadowy mind of the author."
—Amazon review by Laurita

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