Monday, October 3, 2011

Story Out and Recent News

Hey, it's my 100th post. Yippee!! What better way to celebrate than to announce a publication, an acceptance, and a new book in a series I'm reading. Wait until you see my eleventy-first post. It will be one heck of a party, but I promise not to disappear. (Tolkien joke in case you're wondering.)

My story "The Fletcher's Daughter" is now available at Residential Aliens. This is a short piece, about 1500 words, and a fun variation on the Cinderella fairy tale.

I heard from the editor at Wicked East Press that my story "Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie" has been accepted for Father Grim's Storybook. The collection calls for stories based on nursery rhymes or fairy tales, but with a twist. My story is based on "Sing a Song of Sixpence," but as the title suggests, there's something other than blackbirds in the pie. The story roughly follows the nursery rhyme and incorporates some of the details into the narrative. It was fun to write.

In the Forests of the NightLast year I reviewed Kersten Hamilton's Tyger Tyger and also interviewed her. The novel is steeped in tales of Irish mythology and follows a contemporary Chicago family's struggle with a group of goblins determined to kill them. Tyger Tyger is now available in paperback as well as Kindle and the second book in the series, In the Forests of the Night, will be out in November. I am impatiently awaiting a review copy. Check out my review of Tyger Tyger here and my interview with Kersten here.


  1. Hey Jeff! I'm just stopping by to congratulate you on your success at the W1S1 September challenge. Also, very cool piece in Residential Aliens. I love a good fairy tale redux.

    Best of luck in October!

  2. Wow, congrats on your acceptance, Jeff! And I'm off to read your story in RA right now.


  3. Hi Jeff.

    That's a beautiful story. I've tried my hand at archery and fletching the odd arrow. And they were very odd by the time I'd finished with them :)

    Congratulations on the story and on W1S1.