Thursday, October 6, 2011

Recent News and W1S1 Report

I received a note the other day that my story "Blood and Beauty" has been accepted for A.J. French's Satyrs Anthology from Wicked East Press. The anthology features stories about, that's right, satyrs, those half human, half goat beings from mythology. "Blood and Beauty" combines elements from "Beauty and the Beast" and classical mythology in a story about a failed love affair between a half satyr, half lion and a dryad.

I'm taking part in Write 1 Sub 1 this year, the monthly challenge. (There's a weekly challenge for the insane.) The idea is to write at least one story a month and submit one. I noticed when making the rounds of other W1S1 member blogs that many of them were posting progress reports. Seems like a reasonable thing to do, so here's my progress to date.

MonthStoryWord CountStatus
January"A Mother's Gift"2900 Published in Silver Blade Magazine
February"Why the Squonk Weeps"1300 Published in Digital Dragon Magazine
March"Shafts to Hell"1300 Published in How the West Was Wicked (Pill Hill Press)
April"The Crooked House of Coins"3700 Published in There Was a Crooked House (Pill Hill Press)
"The Fletcher's Daughter"1500 Published in Residential Aliens
May"Tapestries of Betrayal"4000 Published in Greek Myths Revisited (Wicked East Press)
June"Blood and Beauty"4800 Forthcoming in A.J. French's Satyrs Anthology (Wicked East Press)
July"Wilson's Thicket"4200 Forthcoming in Beneath the Pretty Lies (Wicked East Press)
August"Sixpence and Rye, and a Snake in a Pie"2400 Forthcoming in Father Grim's Storybook (Wicked East Press)
September"A Creature of Words"670 Submitted
October"A Daughter for a Daughter"
In Progress

"Under the Bridge"
In Progress

Nine stories accepted and 26,770 words completed. It's been a good year, and without the W1S1 deadlines, I don't think I would have written this many stories.


  1. BIG congrats, Jeff! Would you like to write a guest post for Write1Sub1 about your success this year?

  2. Yeah, fantastic stuff Jeff. I think I shall drop down from "insane" to monthly myself next year ...