Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recent News

I've been busy lately so I've fallen behind on announcements. "Why the Squonk Weeps" is now up at Digital Dragon. Also, Mindflights has accepted "The Hand with the Knife." This story retells the Grimm's fairy tale of the same title. It's the story of a girl, her malicious brothers, and an elf with a magical knife. The original, which you can find here, is only a few paragraphs long. My version adds a substantial amount of new material and a much more satisfying ending (in my opinion at least). There's also a shape-shifting wolf/man for any werewolf fans.


  1. We read your "Squonk" tale in my junior high creative writing class today. Good stuff! You should have seen their reactions after the cauldron boils its latest addition...

  2. Wow, Milo. That is way cool. Thanks.