Wednesday, June 26, 2013

indiegogo campaigns

I have a couple stories coming out this fall (I hope). Both anthologies are using indiegogo campaigns to raise money to fund the publication. Both are offering some great incentives for giving.

The first story is “Good King David,” which will appear in King David & the Spiders from Mars: Tales of Biblical Terror from Dybbuk Press. "Good King David" combines elements from Absalom's story and Hamlet. Check out the campaign and incentives here.

The second story is “Morphine and Chocolate,” (love that title) which will appear in Volume 4 of The Midnight Diner. This campaign is to raise money for publishing Volume 4 and for funding the next year of the remodeled Midnight Diner. Michelle Pendergrass has returned as editor-in-chief and she's taking The Diner in a new direction: a quarterly publication and a paying market. Check out the campaign and incentives here.

Please take a look at these worthy campaigns and if you feel inclined, please give.


  1. Best of luck with those, Jeff. They both sound like interesting projects.

    1. Thanks, Simon. I've been waiting over a year and a half for "Morphine and Chocolate" to come out.