Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Stuff Dead Ahead

Well, behind if you don't hurry. Those crazy SpecFic Collective guys have more free stuff for you.

The Crooked House of Coins, a haunted house story, is free on Smashwords with the coupon EY74Y.

Milo Fowler's The Black Ace, episode 4 in the Coyote Cal Adventure Series, is free on Amazon.

Boneyard, the fifth and final installment in Simon Kewin's Genehunter series is free on Amazon.

Lyn Perry has five flash fictions titles at Feedbooks: Quick Gasps of Breath - 5 Microhorrors; Space Monkey Pirates - 3 Flash Fictions; Billy Farnsworth Zombie Hunter - 2 Quick Tales; Spam Fiction - A Flash about Spam (email, that is); and Even Superheroes! - A Fun-filled Fan Fiction.

Check out the SpecFic Authors site for more details.

But hurry (that means go there NOW) because all the zeros go poof and turn into nines on Tuesday.

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