Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interview and Free Stuff

Stop by the Rambles of the Literary Equine blog to read an interview with me. I talk about fairy tales, what scares writers, and where my ideas come from.

And here's the free stuff. Two titles from the SpecFic Authors Collective are still free. My story "The Crooked House of Coins" is free through today.

In a small Midwestern town at the end of a lane stands a crooked house, where deaths and secrets entwine. Two cousins, heirs to the family legacy, search for a treasure secreted in the old dwelling's walls, driven by gold lust and tantalizing clues. The Crooked House is a grudging giver, and some secrets are best left alone.

Milo Fowler's collection Alienated is free through Thursday.

Alienated collects five dark SF short stories:

"Insight" - A sculptor is able to see beyond our reality, but can she control her insatiable desires?

"In His Eyes" - On a farm in the distant future, an unwelcome visitor appears in the middle of a thunderstorm.

"Reverie" - Speech is the first sign of rebellion in a hive of highly evolved telepaths.

"Mo's" - The only racism that exists in this alternate history is between Humans and Greys.

"Doppelgänger Mine" - A man is stalked by his horrifying double. In the end, only one of them can survive.

Grab 'em while you can.

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