Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tech Tip for Amazon Associates

Sorry to have gone AWOL for a few weeks but I've been mucking around in the dark ages of Denmark with Absalom and David. It's a long story, literally. I also attended the Festival of Faith and Writing, which was inspiring and fun. Now that the festival is over and that story is done and submitted, I can return to regular programming.

If you're an Amazon Associates member and you use Blogger, you've noticed that the nifty gadget for inserting Amazon links into your posts stopped working last fall. You can still put in the links, but you have to craft them by hand which is tedious at best. I quickly tired of the tedium and wrote some JavaScript to do the grunt work for me. You can find the gadget with instructions here. I hope it's useful. Comments for improvement are welcome.


  1. Useful! I do have a few of them, but I hadn't noticed they'd stopped working, so thanks.

  2. Gasp! A story about David and Absalom set in the Dark Ages?! Wow. Love that concept, Jeff. Wishing it well!

    Gonna have to check into that festival, too. Hmm...