Monday, February 13, 2012

Recent News

My flash story "A Fortuitous Stumble" is out at Avenir Eclectia. This is the first of a three-part series about Elihu Simmons, a bug hunter/pastor living on Eclectia. Travis Perry introduced the character in one of his stories and I'm burrowing him for a few stories. One of the cool aspects of this shared universe writing project is making connections between the various story arcs.

"Morphine and Chocolate" has been accepted for The Midnight Diner Volume 4: Wastelands Under the Sun. I wrote this story specifically for The Midnight Diner so I'm very happy it made the cut. Based on the medieval poem Pearl, the story follows a father one evening on his search for his missing daughter. Part of the story takes place in a diner where he encounters some very strange people and takes some journeys to bizarre places. Does he find what he's looking for? Yes and no.

"Soul Theif" is forthcoming at Fear and Trembling. The kind editors at Fear and Trembling saw potential in the first version of the story that I submitted and invited me to submit a rewrite. The accepted version is triple the length of the original. It's the story of a young man whose obsession with online gaming and neglect of his family encourages a sluagh--a creature from Irish mythology that steals abandoned souls--to pay a visit. All hell breaks loose. Many things are broken. Shots are fired.


  1. Fantastic, Jeff! Lots of great news there. That sluagh sounds especially cool.

  2. Way to go, Jeff! I'll have to check 'em out. My story "Soul Smuggler" should be out this month, but I'm sure it has very little in common with yours.

  3. @Simon: When I learned about sluaghs, I couldn't resist putting one in a story.

    @Milo: Sounds intriguing. Perhaps the thief and smuggler are working together?