Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stories Out

There Was a Crooked House... (An Anthology of Crooked Stories)Two of my stories have been published in the last week. "The Wand" is available at Golden Visions Magazine for the next three months. You can read it here. "The Crooked House of Coins" appears in There Was a Crooked House... (An Anthology of Crooked Stories) from Pill Hill Press.

Here's an excerpt from "The Crooked House of Coins":
James stared at the scrolling flower reliefs that decorated the ceiling. Across the room, below a newly cleared wall, Nathan snored in his sleeping bag. James thought of Silas, falling or leaping from a window, watching the grass and rocks racing to meet him. Something moved on the ceiling. A vine of filigree slithered into an oval. Flowers contorted to bulging eyes. A single, broad leaf twisted into a mouth while stems with multiple flowers grew to bushy sideburns that edged a balding head. The lips contorted to a scream as the face, translucent and gray, fell toward him. James cried out and rolled into the wall.


  1. "The Wand" -- definitely not just a fairy tale, and I enjoyed it. Nice excerpt, too!

  2. Woot! Awesome, Jeff. Love both stories :).