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Last Request: A Victorian GothicLast Request: A Victorian GothicA soft-horror novelette set in Victorian times. A young woman sneaks into the family crypt to honor her uncle's last wish.--Audible Edition: Last Request: A Victorian Gothic (November 2014).

Fiction (Text)

Give Me Your Teeth: A Fae TaleGive Me Your Teeth: A Fae TaleLike most children, ten-year old Jimmy wonders where the Tooth Fairy keeps all those teeth. It's a silly question to laugh about. He plays along to get some coins, confident there's no such person. As he and his friends know, their mothers play the role of the Tooth Fairy, but in the middle of the night, Jimmy's world turns upside down. He learns there's more to his mother than he ever imagined, and the Tooth Fairy isn't so harmless.--Kindle Edition: Give Me Your Teeth: A Fae Tale (October 2014).

"In the Kappa's Garden"In the Kappa's Garden"A young boy's encounter with a peculiar neighbor who may be more than he seems." in Spaceports & Spidersilk (July 2014).

"Blood and Beauty"Blood and Beauty"Fantasy about a half-lion half-satyr who falls in love with a dryad and hatches a dangerous plan to gain her father's permission to marry her." in Songs of the Satyrs from Angelic Knight Press (April 2014).

Last Request: A Victorian GothicLast Request: A Victorian GothicA soft-horror novelette set in Victorian times. A young woman sneaks into the family crypt to honor her uncle's last wish.--Kindle Edition: Last Request: A Victorian Gothic (March 2014). Read an excerpt.

"Good King David"Good King David"Combines elements of Hamlet with the story of Absalom from 2nd Samuel." in King David and the Spiders from Mars from Dybbuk Press (March 2014). Read an excerpt.

"Sutter's Well"Sutter's Well"Tells of a young boy's encounter with a Lovecraftian monster in Appalachia." in Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 9 (December/January 2013/14).

"Morphine and Chocolate"Morphine and Chocolate"Based on the medieval poem Pearl, a father goes in search of his daughter and finds something else."--in Midnight Diner 4: Wastelands Under the Sun (August 2013).

Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie: A Fractured Nursery Rhyme"Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie"A story based on the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence" about the dangers of revenge taken a step too far.--Kindle Edition: Sixpence and Rye and a Snake in a Pie: A Fractured Nursery Rhyme (June 2013).

"The Facts in the Case of M. Hussman"The Facts in the Case of M. Hussman"A steampunk story about cheating death, or at least trying."--in Bards and Sages Quarterly (July 2013).

Highway 24Highway 24An accident on a lonely highway brings a young travelling salesman face-to-face with a dark secret from his father’s past.--Kindle Edition: Highway 24 from MuseItUp Publishing (June 2013).

Tapestries of BetrayalTapestries of BetrayalTapestries of Betrayal retells the Greek myth of Tereus, Procne, and Philomela, placing the characters in a medieval fantasy setting. Tereus can't resist the charms of his sister-in-law Philomela. He stops at absolutely nothing to sate his passions, but once he's satisfied, he stops short of murder, deciding instead to silence Philomela and keep her prisoner, at least for awhile. He tells his wife Procne that her sister is dead. Loose ends have a way of unraveling and loose threads sometimes weave together into a tale.--Kindle Edition: Tapestries of Betrayal (January 2013).

Soul ThiefSoul ThiefWhat happens when you abandon your family? Do they abandon you? Does a soul eater or a mythical monster come looking for you? James is about to find out. He's home alone, having once again turned down an invitation from his family to share in an evening out. He's about to come face to face with a thief of a distinctly supernatural kind.--Kindle Edition: Soul Thief (December 2012).

The Crooked House of CoinsThe Crooked House of CoinsIn a small Midwestern town at the end of a lane stands a crooked house, where deaths and secrets entwine. The Crooked House is a grudging giver, and some secrets are best left alone.--Kindle Edition: The Crooked House of Coins (November 2012).

Avenir Eclectia: Volume 1Avenir Eclectia: Volume 1A collection of stories from the Avenir Eclectia microfiction project. This volume contains four of my stories.: Avenir Eclectia: Volume 1, Splashdown Books (October 1, 2012).

Tales of Woe and WonderTales of Woe and WonderA collection of my previously published fantasy stories from 2010 and 2011.--Kindle Edition: Tales of Woe and Wonder (August 2012).

"Shafts to Hell"Shafts to Hell"A miner driven insane by claustrophobia commits a grisly murder and then contemplates the nature of Hell."--in How the West Was Wicked from Pill Hill Press (May 2011).

My Avenir Eclectia StoriesAvenir EclectiaFollow this link to read all my stories set in the shared world of Avenir Eclecta. (November 2011 to present).


""A Gift from Over the Sea," Read by Folly Blaine"A Gift from Over the Sea"My first podcast. Folly does marvelous work with this Viking/fantasy coming of age story."--in Everyday Fiction (October 15, 2012).


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